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  • How many years has Lebron been in the NBA

    LeBron James came to the NBA back in 2003 when he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers as the first pick in the first round. “The King” is 37 years old today, but he is still active, which means that he has played a total of 19 seasons in the strongest basketball league in the […]

  • Who has the most rings in the NBA

    Winning the championship ring is a dream for every player who plays in the NBA. Throughout history, many great players have played in this league, who managed to win several championship rings. Some great players on the other hand, despite great games, never managed to reach the championship ring because they mostly played in teams […]

  • Who has the most buzzer beaters in NBA history

    Are there better things than when you score the decisive basket for your team to win? On this occasion, we will just talk about the players who marked the history of the NBA with their cold-bloodedness in the last and most exciting moments. When we talk about buzzer-beaters, we probably first think of Michael Jordan, […]

  • How much do overseas Basketball players make

    There is no doubt that players earn the most in the NBA, the strongest basketball league in the world.  In this league, the players have really unreal contracts, so the highest-paid player in the world, Stephen Curry, who is a three-time NBA champion with the Golden State Warriors, has a contract signed for several seasons […]

  • How many championship rings does Steve Kerr have

    Steve Kerr is the current coach of the Golden State Warriors and a former celebrated player for several teams in the NBA. Kerr was very successful as a player, as he won five titles during his career.  He won three titles playing for the legendary Chicago Bulls generation while winning two titles playing for the […]

  • Who is the tallest NBA player

    To play basketball, you need to fulfil the condition. You must have the adequate height for this sport. There are exceptions for some players who were not overly tall but had very successful careers. Allen Iverson was only 183 cm tall, but that did not make him one of the best players of his time.  […]

  • Best NBA Centers of All time

    The players who play in the center position are extremely tall players. These players are very strong and have great physical predispositions and an enviable dose of athleticism. They need the mentioned characteristics in order to adequately fight under the basket with their equally strong rivals.  The center has an equally important role on both […]

  • How many teams are in NBA

    The NBA is the strongest basketball league in the world, founded in New York in 1946. In this league, 30 teams compete, which are divided into two conferences and six divisions. The NBA season lasts a very long time since each team played 82 games. After the end of the regular part of the season, […]

  • Who is the shortest NBA player

    It is clear to the rather uninformed that basketball is a sport in which height is one of the most important preconditions for success, although high growth alone is by no means sufficient without other qualities. Basketball is known as a sport of tall people because height obviously gives advantages and significantly facilitates the game […]

  • Who is the oldest NBA player

    In top sports, and therefore basketball and the NBA years are not important at all. Whether someone is young or old does not mean anything at all. To succeed in a sport requires many factors and age is the least important. We are witnesses that today in the NBA we have the opportunity to watch […]