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  • How long is halftime in NBA

    The NBA is the strongest basketball league in the world, which allows fans to have fun in every game in a great way. Not everyone can play in this league, but only selected players who must have great physical predispositions that enable them to make incredibly attractive moves in almost every game. Spectacular dunks, incredible […]

  • What position did Michael Jordan play?

    Michael Jordan is considered by many basketball fans and experts to be the best basketball player to ever play in the NBA. He began his NBA career in 1984 and wore the Chicago Bulls jersey on two occasions. The best basketball player in the history of the NBA During those 12 years, playing for the […]

  • What are the positions in basketball?

    Basketball is a team sport in which we have the opportunity to watch a fight between two teams of five players on the field. This sport is very dynamic and is played very fast. Basketball positions on the court  Teams change very quickly from defense to attack, which lasts only 24 seconds. Basketball is at […]

  • How Many Fouls to fouls out in NBA?

    Basketball is a very fast and dynamic sport in which, as the name of the sport itself says, the goal is to score a basket. For one team not to reach easy points, it is necessary to defend itself from the opponent in the right way. Sometimes it can be done following the rules, and […]

  • How long does NBA game last?

    The NBA league is the strongest and most popular basketball competition in the world. The money circulating in this league is huge, and the players have incredibly high contracts. Across the USA, fans are enjoying the fantastic moves of their favorite players and teams.  Watching one NBA game during those two hours is a real […]

  • What is the Average Height of NBA Players

    The NBA is a league built for the tallest of people and it really shows so when you look at the average height of the players. In the 2021/22 season, the average height of an NBA player is 6’6.2”, also known as around 200cm tall.  It really shows how big this is when you compare […]

  • How Much Do NBA Players Make?

    Basketball is one of the most popular sports on the planet. This sport is equally popular in the USA and Europe, but a much larger amount of money is spent in the NBA than in Europe. Players in Europe have decent contracts, but they are not nearly as big as the contracts that NBA players […]